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Adults and children

Any level of experience

Coaching for competitions and performances

Coaching for groups of harps or mixed instruments

Preparation advice for recordings


Tunes Tunes Tunes
Irish, Scottish, Welsh, or Scandinavian -- as many as we have time for.  As I go through them I will explain the differences between the genres (jig, reel, strathspey, etc).  I will also explain about basic ornaments and how to play with a lilt.  I teach by ear and pass out the music at the end.

Dexterity Exercises for Playing Celtic Music at Speed
Frustrated by sluggish fingers?  I will go through some comprehensive exercises and then teach a tune or two that put the exercises to work.  This is not for absolute beginners.  I would suggest that students have been playing for at least a year, and have a solid technique.

American Folktunes
I have always loved American music, and have written some arrangements of Appalachian, New England, cowboy, slave, midwest, Stephen Foster, and Woody Guthrie, as well as some of the ones that traveled over from the British Isles.  Several of these are for two or three parts.  Examples: Hard Times, Simple Gifts, Erie Canal, Hard Traveliní, Shenandoah, Iíll Fly Away, Wayfaring Stranger, and more.  I can gear this to music readers or not, as you wish.  This could even turn into a campfire-type sing-along if you prefer.

Ensemble Music
I have many arrangements of Scottish, American, and Scandinavian tunes for 2-4 parts.  I will also take requests, if you get them to me in time.  Each has an easy part and a hard part.  Participants must be able to read music.  I can also coach ensembles.

Performance Issues and/or Critique
How to get through a performance or competition and stay sane.  How to present yourself on stage, how to cover up mistakes, how to handle your well-meaning family, how to give an interesting program.  This workshop needs only one harp, and we will take turns being critiqued.  For all levels from beginner to advanced, and everyone will take away something different from this workshop.  Be brave!

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